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Stress Free roof Replacement

If your home needs a new roof but you’re dreading all the mess, have we got great news for you!  We’ve got a new roof installation process and equipment that keeps all that roofing debris contained.

Did you know that in the process of a roof tear-off, thousands of pounds of shingles and other roofing material, as well as thousands of nails need to be removed from the roof before the new roofing gets installed?  Until recently, the common practice among roofing contractors was to either place a dumpster or a tarp next to the house to throw debris onto.  Of course, with that method lots of material misses its target and can damage landscaping or simply disappear into the grass, only to be found again when your child or pet steps on a nail or sharp piece of shingle.  And with the mess and safety issues, pets and children need to be kept indoors while the work is done.

But all that has changed.  If you live in the PA, DE., N.J.and Maryland, we are pleased to be able to offer you an innovative new way to replace a roof – the New Roof No Mess® system.  We recently became a member of this program and acquired what we like to call a ‘roof buggy.’  This mobile piece of equipment lets us maneuver it into place at the roof edge to collect all the debris and then safely transfer it to a dumpster.  No more mess in your yard!  No more landscape damage!  No more safety issues!  Check out this video to see

it in action:






Our goal has always been to provide our customers with top-quality exterior home remodeling services, and we’re convinced that this method of roof repair and installation will do just that.  While we can use the equipment on most homes, there may be circumstances where it won’t work.  If your home is on a steep hill or you’ve got a fence that would block the roof buggy from getting next to your house, the only option is traditional roofing practices.  But even in that case we’ll do our very best to contain the mess, protect your property, and keep things safe.

If you’re ready for a new roof and want one with no mess, give us a call today for a free estimate.  we install Standing Seam, metal and rubber roof as well as asphalt shingles in the PA, DE., N.J.and Maryland metro area.  We are a licensed exterior home remodeling contractor,

DMD Home Improvement LLC ,roofing, siding and gutter contractor will protect your landscape and your Investments with the Equipter we also have special planks to protect your lawn while driving the Equipter